Whether we are helping you realize a concept from an idea or partnering with you on an existing project, in BlackSlate you will find a committed partner invested in your success. We have been helping businesses of all sizes meet their goals. Experience, quality and commitment are our promises.

Driving business

Need a complete team to drive and deliver your goals in a changing business landscape? Look no further: we pair technical wherewithal and quality with the capability to get your ideas to market fast

Need a face-lift?

No problem. We specialize in taking over troubled, delayed or unfinished projects and getting them out the door

Business Process Improvement

BlackSlate can help you get your projects in order, free up Devs to concentrate on code and give your PMs the information they need to drive successful solutions

The Team

BlackSlate Custom Experience

Combining some of the brightest development and consulting minds in our center of excellence in Chicago with dedicated staff overseas, BlackSlate delivers robust solutions specifically because we can scale easily to meet your needs. Front-end and design wizards, back-end data gurus and experienced release and project managers are ready to partner with you.


We technology

“It's still magic even if you know how it's done.”

We do everything from apps and websites, to desktop/server applications, through BI and data visualization. We also specialize in straight IT infrastructure as well.